NMRV Worm Gear Reducer

The TQG NMRV series worm gear reducer features of the following characters:
● TQG worm gear reducer is made of high quality aluminum alloy casting. It is light in weight and doesn’t rust.
● High output torque is the outstanding advantages of TQG worm reducer.
● It is suitable for long-term working in harsh environment with features of smooth transmission and low noise.
● Taiqi NMRV worm reducer is featured with beautiful appearance and durable main body with small size.
● It is adapt to all-round installation.

Main Material
● The housing of TQG worm gear reducer is made of aluminum alloy ( frame No.: 025-090 ) or cast iron ( frame No.: 110-150 ).
● The worm of Taiqi seiko is made of 20CR. After carburized and quenched, the gear surface hardness can be up to 56-62HRC. The worm can still keeps the thickness of carburized layer 0.3-0.5mm after grinding.
● Worm gear is made of wear-resistant bronze.