TQG Precision Planetary Gearboxes are Applied in Industrial Robotic Automation

Today we will share the application of low backlash inline planetary gearboxes and right angle planetary gearboxes used in robotic flight forming machines, which features of 8 axis robot production capacity.

Let us call our customer as A. One day in March, we got the inquiry from A, and he is from a robotics manufacturing company and wanted to purchase our gearbox to test out on their machines.

They use Beckoff servo motors on their machines and before they email us with the following detailed models, they have already reviewed our website and checked the related catalog pages of planetary gear box.

PFR080-10-S3-P2/Beckhoff AM8031

PAB090- 10-S3-P2/Beckhoff AM8031

PAR042-3-S3-P2/Beckhoff AS2023

PAR142-14-S2-P2/Beckhoff AM8062

PAR180-4-S3-P2/Beckhoff AM8072

As a professional china planetary gearbox manufacturer, we firstly check all of our customers’ servo motor through the official website of Beckoff. Through the drawings of above servo motors, we got the motor input sizes and evaluate all the possibility for Beckoff motor to adapt our servo gearbox. During our correspondence, we found A wrote S3 in our model, then we confirmed with him and know he indeed needs the hollow output gearboxes. After several correspondences, he finally decided the following models and the quantity.

PAR090-10-S3-P2//Input size 14-60-75-M5(Φ6) Beckhoff AM8031

PAB090-10-S3-P2//Input size 14-60-75-M5(Φ6) Beckhoff AM8031

PAR142-14-S2-P2//Inputsize 32-130-165-M10(Φ11) Beckhoff AM8062

PAR180-4-S3-P2//Inputsize 38-180-215-M12(Φ13.5) Beckhoff AM8072

After that, we issued gearbox production drawings for their confirmation. Regretfully, we didn’t get their prompt feedback. Later we called A, and knew that he and his boss are in the Germany and will reply me soon. I asked whether they were in the Hannover Mess, and they were excited to tell me “yes”. I felt very happy and told them, we would also attend this exhibition. Hope we can meet. They replied “of course ” and they will visit our booth. Before the exhibition, the order had been placed and arranged to produce. You know that all the input sizes of Beckoff motors are non-standard. Not all the manufacture can customize the gearbox according to the motors. Yes, we can and finally meet A’s requirement. And our customer A also was appreciated our effort to confirm with them again and again about the model selection and drawing confirmation.

As the meeting with A and his CEO, trust between us are deepened. After finished the first order and they tested our precision gearboxes very well on their machines, A again placed the repeated order to us. Thanks for your trust and approval. I believe we will have more deeper cooperation in future and grow up together towards bright tomorrow.



Hannover Messe 2019 is Coming

Good news. We are going to attend German Hannover Messe in the name of our group company from April1~5. Welome to visit our booth and talk about our cooperation of low backlash gearbox face to face.

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We will show full range of products in the exhibition including low backlash inline planetary gearbox for servo motor and stepper motor, backlash free harmonic drive gearbox for robot arms, RV reducers for robot joints, servo motor, stepper motor, brushless motor, right angle bevel gearbox, hollow rotary table/ hollow rotary actuator, high torque right angle planetary gearbox for servo motor and stepper motor, grinded rack and gear.

We have equivalent model sizes of planetary gearbox to replace the Apex gearbox (AB series, ABR series, PII series, PIIR series, AT-ATB Series) , shimpo geabox (VRL series, VRSR series, VRS series), Neagart gearbox (PLE, PLQE,PLHE, PLFE,WPLE, WPLQE Series), Harmonic drive gearbox (CSG, CSF, SHG, SHF, CSD, SHD Series), Nabtesco RV reducers (RV-E, RV-C, RVM,RV-CM, RV-EM, FHA, FHD series). For more information, please visit our website: https://taiqiseiko.com/products/

Welcome to our booth for negotiation and check our quality.

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What factors influnce the efficiency of the servo planetary gearbox?

Each servo planetary gear box has a rated input speed and the number of planetary gears. As only one set of planetary gears cannot meet a large transmission ratio, then sometimes two or three sets of such gears are required to meet the requirements of the user. That is to say, the larger reduction ratio is, the more numbers of stages will be needed, and the lower the efficiency will be.

Well, how to check the backlash of  TQG servo planetary reducer  ?

Fix the output end and rotate the input end in the direction of clockwise and counterclockwise, which will generate rated torque about +-2% of torque, and there will be a slight angular displacement on the input end, which is called backlash. The unit is “minute”, which is one-sixtieth of a degree. It is also known as return clearance. The nominated input speed of the servo planetary gearbox can reach up to 18000 rpm (depending on the size of the gear box itself. The larger the reducer is, the smaller the rated input speed will be). The output torque of the industrial servo planetary gearbox is normally not more than 2000Nm, and the customized gearbox with super-torque can achieve the output torque more than 10000Nm. The working temperature range is generally from -25°C to 100°C. The operating temperature can be changed by changing the grease.

Therefore, the efficiency of the servo planetary gear box is related to the number of stages of the reducer.

Main Process Structure & Patented Technology of TQG Planetary Gearbox

Grinding teeth: The surface of the gear is ground with ultra-precision , which makes gear coordination more optimized. In addition, the friction resistance and vibration are smaller. The transmission efficiency of the whole machine can reach up to 98% and the noise at high speed is lower than 55 DB. The maximum input speed is 10,000 rpm. The minimum reverse backlash is less than 1 arc-min.

Spacer flange technology: In order to meet different requirements of different users, a special Spacer joint flange has been specially developed. This patent enables TQG reducers can be compatible with the motors of any manufacturer, and the assembly time is only one minute.

Gear surface hardening treatment: the life of such reducer gearbox is far more than that of the matchable motor, which thanks to the selection of high-quality bearings. The outer shell of the speed reducer is treated with special technology, which increases the bearing force and anti-vibration ability of the input shaft and output shaft and therefore prolongs the service life.

Patented heat removal technology: Due to the high-speed rotation of the high-sealing planetary gearbox, the internal air can not be discharged after being heated, which increases the pressure and temperature rise in the inner cavity, and finally limits the long-time high-speed operation. is The patented heat-dissipation technology is adopted by Taiqi seiko low backlash planetary reducer, which contributes to the high level of torque under the long time of high-speed, and  the rises of temperature rise pressure is very little, which greatly extends the service life.

The planetary gear box can be divided into high precision type and normal precision type. For more details, you can dowload our catalogs  here or consult our salesman via online chatting tool.

planetary gearbox


Workshop of TQG High Precision Planetary Gear Box

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Planetary Gear


Are spur gears or helical gears used in inline planetary gear reducer and right angle planetary gearbox?

Before discussing this issue, TQG reducer company will firstly analyze the features of the helical gears and spur gears of the planetary speed reducer.

Features of helical gear transmission are as followings:

  1. The structure is more compact. When cutting helical cylindrical gear with rack cutter, the number of small teeth of standard gear without undercutting is less than that of spur cylindrical gear, so a more compact structure can be obtained.
  2. High degree of coincidence. Under the same conditions, the meshing process of helical gears is longer than that of spur gears, that is, the degree of coincidence is greater, which reduces the load of each pair of gears. Thus, the bearing capacity of the gear is improved, the service life of the gear is prolonged, and the transmission is stable.
  3. Herringbone gear manufacturing is more complexed. Good meshing performance.

It is a gradual meshing process between the helical cylindrical gears. The force on the teeth is gradually from small to large, and then from large to small, so helical gear meshing is more stable, less impact and noise, which is suitable for high speed and high power transmission.

Features of spur gear are as followings:

  1. easy to install. You can imagine how complex the installation of helical gear
  2. Because the planetary gear set is mainly a transfer relationship, rather than force,

and has little stability requirements, so the spur gear is enough for normal transmission application. If customers who needs high precision lowback lash planetary gearbox, then helical is a good choice.

  1. Spur gear is easy to process with low cost.

4.The helical gear will produce axial force when it engages, which is not good to the bearings.

5.Backlash is higher than that of helical gears.

TQG planetary reducers are produced with both helical gears and spure gears, such as our VRB, VRL, PAR, PADR, VRSF, PER, PFR, VRS series high precision planetary gearbox are designed with helical gears. And for standard precision planetary gear reducer adopts straight tooth gear, such as our PLE and PLF series speed reducers.

If you have limited budget and have no high requirement of precision, then TQG spur gear planetary gearbox is your good choose.

When a servo planetary gearbox is needed?

When we need a low backlash planetary gearbox for servo motor or stepper motor?

Firstly, when the customer requires a low operating speed ( usually the motor speed is high and not stable at a low speed.)

Secondly, when the customer needs a larger torque. (The output torque of the motor can be amplified as: Output torque of the motor × reduction ratio)

Thirdly, to ensure an accurate positioning when customer needs the equipment in positive and negative rotation.


How to select the right size of planetary gearbox?

You may met a problem how to choose a suitable servo gearbox for your motor. Here TQG guides you how to choose it by the following steps.

Step 1
Please make clear that your motor brand and model. Or the motor installation drawing is required to figure out the main sizes of S, LB, LR, LE, LA, LZ.

Step 2
Confirm the reduction ratio that you need. Or you can tell us the rated speed of your servo motor or stepper motor, and the required output speed of reducer gearbox. And then using the following formula to calculate the ratio.
*The speed ratio i=Motor Speed /output speed of gearbox

Step 3
Please confirm the output torque you need. Or the motor power and the rated speed  is required to calculate the output torque of the motor. And then you can get the torque of the planetary reducer by multiply the reduction ratio.

*The output torque (N.M)=9550x motor power(kw)/ motor speed (rpm)
*1 HP=0.75kw

Step 4
Any other requirement about the speed reducer ? Such us flange, hole output, precision or backlash, noise value, shape of gearbox, inline or angle, etc. The more details requirement you offer us, the quicker we can select the suitable planetary gearbox for you.

Step 5
Download the catalog from our website, check technical data, and get the right model.

Why is the harmonic reducer called harmonic?

Why is the harmonic gearbox called harmonic? Firstly, let’s understand what is the harmonic drive, and then you will know the name source of the harmonic reducer. The specific process is as follows:

Harmonic drive achieves the transfer of mechanical motion by using a constructed controllable elastic deformation. The harmonic drive usually consists of three basic components, including a circular spline with internal teeth, a flexspline that produces radial elastic deformation with external teeth and one elliptical shape of wave generator with flexible rolling bearing in the external circle which is installed inside the flexspline. A wave generator with a flexible rolling bearing.

The number of external teeth of the flexspline is less than the number of internal teeth of the circular spline. When the wave generator rotates, the external teeth of the flexspline corresponding to the long axis direction just completely mesh with the internal teeth of the circular spline. While in the short axis direction, the external teeth completely disengage the internal teeth. When the circular spline is fixed and the wave generator rotates, the external teeth of the flexspline will com into or out of contact the internal teeth of the circular spline in turn. And the radial displacement of any point on the flexspline gear ring will be similar to the change of the sinusoidal waveform. Therefore, this type of transmission is called harmonic drive.

The harmonic reducer is a kind of harmonic drive device, which includes harmonic accelerator and harmonic reducer.

The harmonic gearbox mainly includes the circular spline, the flexspline and the wave generator. The three are indispensable. Among them, the teeth number of the circular spline is slightly larger than that of the flexspline.

The difference between planetary gearbox and ordinary gear reducer

Actually, the planetary gearbox is a kind of gear reducer if it is to be classified. Like most gear reducers, the planetary reducer reduces the speed and increases the output torque through gear transmission. However, compared with the common gear reducer, the structure of the planetary gearbox is more compact and reasonable, which makes full use of all the parts to work for the reduction drive. Ordinary gear reducers reduce the speed through the meshing of the gears. In addition to the meshing between the gears, the planetary reducer works also passing through a planetary structure. The principle is that the planets rotate around the sun gear. The sun gear acts as the origin, that is,   the input shaft gear of the motor drives the planet gears of the planetary gearbox. And there are also teeth inside of the planetary reducer shell to participate in the deceleration work of the planetary reducer. With such structure, not only precision is greatly improved, but also large reduction ratios can be achieved through adding multiple planetary gear combinations in the same planetary reducer, which, at the same time, will not affect the structure and strength of the planetary reducer itself.