Introduction of Shanghai TQG

Taiqi Electromechanical Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturing company integrating production, R & D and sales as a whole for more than 20 years in Shanghai China. We supply high precision planetary gearboxes, 90 degree gearboxes ( for servo motors and stepper motors), harmonic drive gearboxes, industrial robot RV reducers, worm gear reducers, gear motors, heavy-load high-torque & high-power helical gear reducers, hypoid motors, cyclo gearboxes, screw jacks, spiral bevel steering gearboxes, and other related gearboxes and accessories.

Besides of providing of the widest range of standard speed reducers, customized service is also available for motion control solutions and mechanical transmission solutions for customers all over the world in field of logo printing, CNC machine tools, packaging and printing Program,welding and cutting, laser cutting machines, woodworking engraving machines, full servo paper tissue machineries, precision concave-convex printing machines, precision coating machines, servo pipe benders, digital control spring machine, and other equipment with high degree of automation.

TQG speed reducers have been exported to more than 20 countries like United States, Mexico, Brazil, Poland, Greece, Canada, Germany, Australia, Japan, Chile, Spain, Italy, Peru, Russia, Vietnam, South Korea, England, etc.