Precision Servo Slide

 The TQG linear slide is a mechanical structure that provides linear motion and this kind of servo slide can be used horizontally or vertically, and can also be combined into a specific motion mechanism to use like multi-axis motion structure which is usually called XY axis, XYZ axis, etc. And there are different names in different automation industry. The more common names are linear slides, electric cylinders, electric slides, robotic arms, robots, linear slide, linear rail, servo slide, linear guideway, linear bearing rail, etc. Linear slides are usually used together with a motor. By installing the required workpieces on the slider to form a complete conveying motion device and setting a set of suitable motor forward and reverse program to make the the workpiece automatically cycled and reciprocated and therefore achieving the purpose of mass production and intensive production of equipment.

The TQG linear guideways are divided into electric cylinders, belt and ball screws.

Servo electric cylinder is a modular product which integrates servo motor and screw as a whole. It converts the rotary motion of servo motor into linear motion, and at the same time changes the advantages of precise speed control, precise speed control, and precise torque control of servo motor into precision speed control, precision position control and precision thrust control to fulfill a new revolutionary product for high-precision linear motion series.

The belt type linear rail is a type of linear slide transmission, which is composed by belts and linear guides.

The ball screw type slide table is a type of linear slide transmission, which is is composed by a ball screw and a linear guide.

Linear bearing rails are now widely used in measurement, laser cutting, gluing machines, laser welding, spraying machines, dispensing machines, punching machines, small CNC machine tools, sample plotters, cutting machines, engraving and milling machines, transfer machines, Sorting machines, testing machines and places suitable for education.