XB Cycloid Gear Motor

XB cycloid gear motor is a type of transmission model that uses cycloid pin gear meshing planetary transmission principle. It is an ideal transmission device with many points, wide use and positive and negative operation. The reducer has the following characteristics:
● Smooth operation with low noise
Due to more teeth meshing at the same time during the operation of XB cyclo reducer, it runs smoothly and features of powerful overload capacity with low vibration and noise.
● Big reduction ratio & high efficiency
The reduction ratio of TQG single stage cycloidal pinwheel reducer is 9~87, and the speed-reduction ratio of two-stage XB speed reducer is 121~5133.
● Reliable operation & long service life
The main components are made of high carbon alloy steel which is proceeded with quenching treatment (HRC58-62),
and then are finely grinded, what’s more, there’s no relative sliding between the cycloid tooth and the meshing area of
the needle tooth sleeve, and the wear is super small, therefore, the TQG XB cycloid gear motor is durable
● Compact structure with small volume
Compared with the other speed reducer with the same power, the weight and volume of the TQG XB cycloid reducer have been both reduced by more than 1/3. Because it isa kind of planetary transmission, and the input axis and the output axis are on the same axis line, so that the smaller size can be obtained.