Right Angle Gearbox

As one of the most famous right angle gearbox manufacturers, TQG provides high-quality right angle speed reducer around the world.

  • The TQG right angle gearboxes also called 90 degree gearboxes which are designed specially for servo motor gearbox and stepper motors for motion control applications. Some of right angle speed reducers are also called steering gearboxes or spiral bevel gearboxes which are for applications where the direction changes are needed. They are features of integrated stainless steel body to ensure maximum rigidity and corrosion resistance.
  • Integrated stainless steel body of our 90 degree gearbox ensures maximum rigidity and corrosion resistance. Multiple precision machined surface for easy assembly.
  • The adoption of the top worm gear bevel designed soft body and the optimized design of contact tooth surface makes the even load and allow high torque output. Gears are made of high strength carburizing alloy steel and the degree of grinding precision is up to the standard of DIN 5 level.
  • The Output and input shafts of TQG precision bevel gearboxes are made of multiple stainless steel, the design of which can be applied to various of industrial application needs.
  • The combination of high precision ground worm bevel gear set and the maximum optimized designed planetary gear set makes the reduction speed of TQG servo gearboxes up to 500:1.
  • The simple design of high torque and low backlash speed reducer is suitable for the precision servo application.
  • TQG patented oil seal design makes the right angle gearboxes be free of maintenance and without needs to replace the lubrication oil, which prolongs the service life of the speed reducer.