Cam Indexer

Cam indexer, also known as cam splitter, is a mechanism for intermittent motion, which is featured with large transmission torque, high indexing accuracy, stable operation, compact structure, self-locking during positioning, small size, low noise, high speed performance and long life. It is an ideal product to replace traditional mechanisms such as groove wheel mechanism, ratchet mechanism, incomplete gear mechanism and pneumatic control mechanism.

The cam splitter is a device that relies on the gapless fit between the cam and the needle (the meshing transmission method is similar to the worm gear transmission) and repeats the transmission along the established cam curve. It inputs the continuous rotary drive and outputs the intermittent rotation, or swing, or lift, and is mainly used for automated processing, assembly, testing and other equipment.

The cam splitter is divided into a mandrel type splitter (DS), a flange type splitter (DF), a hollow flange type splitter (DFH), a platform desktop type cam splitter (DT), and an ultra-thin platform desktop type cam splitter. (DA).

TQG provides cam indexer custom & wholesale service.

The TQG cam splitter posesses the following features:

  • Simple structure. Taiqi Seiko cam indexer is mainly composed of two parts: a stereo cam and a split disk.
  • Accurateaction. Whether in the indexer area or the static area, there is accurate positioning and no need of other locking elements at all. Anyally determined ratio of motion and static and number of divisions can be achieved.
  • Stable transmission. The motion characteristics of the three-dimensional cam curve are good, therefore smooth and continuous transmission, small vibration, and low noise are obtained.
  • Highoutput segmentation accuracy.
  • Good high-speed performance. The splitter stereo cam and the split wheel are non-gap meshing transmission, the impact vibration is small and can achieve high speed up to 900rPm.
  • Long life. The standard service life of the TQG cam indexer is 12000 hours.