AAT-CR Hollow Shaft Steering Gearbox with Keyway

Overview of AAT-CR Hollow Shaft Gearbox

  • The shell of AAT-CR reducer is made of cast iron of high steel FC-25 .
  • Gears of AAT-CR are made of high quality and high purity alloy steel 50CrMnT treated by carburizing quenching and grinding.
  • Shaft is made of quenched and tempered high quality and high purity alloy steel 40Cr to achieve a high load capacity.
  • Bearing is made of a rolling cone bearing to gain the heavy load capacity.
  • Oil seal has the ability to protect against dust and oil with the imported double lip oil seal.

Indication of Model Numbers of AAT-CR Steering Gearbox

Description of AAT-CR Servo Gearbox

The TQG AAT-CR series precision 90 degree gearbox is featured with hollow shaft with key groove. It is also called steering gearbox. The shape of AAT-CR series speed reducer is a hexagon, and it is suitable for different mounting types. AAT-CR series planetary gearbox manufactured by TQG company is a kind of 90 degree gearbox for servo motor and stepper motors and widely applied in motion control fields and transmission power solutions. And they are features of long service life, high carrying capacity, smooth transmission, low noise and high efficiency up to 95%.

High precision spiral bevel gear and nickel-chrome alloy steel SCM415 HRC60 contribute to the high strength of TQG AAT-CR precision gearbox. And planet mechanism together with the precision spiral bevel mechanism ensure the high efficiency of TQG AAT-CR  right angle drive gearbox. Besides, the high rigidity of the TQG AAT-CR hollow gearbox thanks to the supported double conical bearings, which can guarantee the excellent performance under the situations where heavy load changes at the output terminals will be happened.

In addition, the TQG AAT-CR right angle gearbox offers models of AAT080A~AAT200BS and gear ratios of 1/2 and 1/3 for choose. And we also can accept customized gearbox with ratio of 1/5 and 1/10.

Application of AAT-CR Precision Speed Reducer

The TQG AAT-CR precision steering gearboxes are widely applied in printing machine, belt machine, gantry robot, pipe bending machine, two axis control working table, roller drive, punching parts, printed circuit board inspection device, angle positioning control, transportation, rotating machine, rolling up equipment, robot for working in high speed, unmanned vehicle, tensile testing machine, shaft input belt drive, automatic box filling machine, packing machine (vertical pillow type), packing machine (horizontal pillow), distribution robot, loading robot and so on. In addition, TQG AAT-CR servo gearboxes are applicable for all kinds of lifting machinery, horizontal linkage machinery and other multi-axis linkage occasions.


Specification Table of AAT Speed Reducer


Catalogue of AAT-CR  Speed Reducer

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