AAW-BS 90 Degree Screw Gearbox

Overview of AAW-BS Screw Servo Reducer

  • Economicalscrew thread type of reduction mechanism.
  • Gearratio from 3~100.
  • High precision of 3~10 arc minutes.
  • High strengthfor using of good quality of spiral bevel gears.
  • High efficiencydue to the planetary gear structure and precision spiral bevel.
  • High rigiditythanks to the excellent rigid structure of the gear box.
  • Variousof output methods of reducer drive mechanism.

Indication of Model Numbers of AAW-BS 90 Degree Screw Reducer

Description of AAW-BS Servo Right Angle Gearbox

The TQG AAW-BS screw reducer is also called 90 degree screw thread reducer. BS stands for screw code. The screw reducer has beautiful appearance with a square shape in silver and black. The special design of the combination of hollow output shaft with the ball screw makes the short distance of lift or structure of straight line more simple. TQG AAW-BS servo motor also can be used as a precision fine-tuned structure to make the mechanism simple and high precision. The adoption of gear transmission structure of AAW-BS screw speed reducer makes good use of power splitting, internal and external meshing.

Features of AAW-BS Planetary Gearbox

  • Economicalscrew thread type of reduction mechanism with simple linear motion
  • Gearratio from 3~100
  • Precision:standard type≦ 10 arc minutes;precise type ≦ 3 arc minutes
  • High strength for using of spiral bevel gears that is made of high strength SCM415 material with tooth surface hardness of HRC60°~ HRC62°, the quality and intensity of which are of one of the best materials in the industry.
  • High efficiencydue to the combination of planetary gear structure and precision spiral bevel.
  • High rigiditythanks to the excellent rigid structure of the gear box and it is more suitable for the occasions that with high output torque changes.
  • Diversification: more than sevenkinds of output methods and suitable for all kinds of transmission mechanism of the industrial machinery.

Specification Table of AAW-BS 90 Degree Screw Reducer


Catalogue of  AAW-BS 90 Degree Screw Reducer

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