Belt Drive Linear Slide

Overview of Belt Drive Linear Slide

  • High speed and acceleration capability
  • It uses high-power polyurethan belt to resist stretching
  • It suitable for high speed applications with high efficiency
  • With largeand flexible mounting surface
  • Field replaceable bearings for longerservice life
  • Several sizes accommodate a wide range of forces and loads

Descriptions of Belt Drive Linear Slide

TQG belt drive linear slide are suitable for the applications of light loads at very high speeds. The open linear module is composed of motor, open screw linear module coupling, ball screw, bearing seat, motor seat and connecting seat. It is easy to assemble, and it also can save the time of designing and making the linear motion mechanism by customers themselves.

The synchronous belt type open linear module is replaced by the ball screw with the synchronous belt, without dangerous speed limit, and it can realize long distance transportation and transmission. TQG belt drive linear slide is easy to install and  convenient to maintain with a simple structure.

Use caution

  1. It is forbidden to touch the sliding seat and keepthe safe working range during operating.
  2. The gear belt drive is not suitablefor vertical use.
  3. Resonance may occur when the effective stroke is too large, and the maximum speed should be relatively reduced when the stroke is greater.


Workpiece positioning/carrying/clamping/inserting capacity automation equipment, reciprocating sprayer, printing equipment, mechanical arm, packaging machine equipment, chemical equipment, food equipment, metal processing equipment, textile machinery, woodworking equipment, transfer equipment, automatic Dispensing equipment, automatic processing equipment, workpiece positioning equipment, labeling machine, laser cutting and positioning, water cutting and positioning, ultrasonic welding positioning, medical equipment, solar energy equipment, etc.

Indication of Model Numbers of Belt Drive Linear Slide


Specification Table of Belt Drive Linear Slide


Catalogue of Belt Drive Linear Slide

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