DH-FN Spindle Type Cam Indexer

Overview of DH-FN Spindle Type Cam Indexer

  • High position accuracy
  • Small variation & low noise
  • High segmentation accuracy
  • Superior performance in high speed
  • Small volume with simple structure


Descriptions of DH-FN Spindle Type Cam Indexer

The cam indexer is also called cam indexing unit and it is a high precision rotary device which has a simple structure with stereoscopic cam and split disk. The output shaft of the spindle type cam indexer has a small rotational inertia when operating which is suitable for high-speed operation. What’s more, the output shaft is designed as a round shaft with key which is suitable for connectint with the sprocket, coupling, sleeve, gear and other components. Besides, it has large load capacity which could  bear greater radial force or axial force.

Features of DH-FN Spindle Type Cam Indexer

  • High position accuracy

The high precision processing technology ensure the precision and service life of the roller, what’s more, the DH-FN spindle type cam indexer could operate in high speed and low speed with heavy load occasions.

  • Stable performance in high speed operation

The rotary bearing of TQG spindle type cam indexer adopts imported NSK tapered roller bearings with high quality, low noise, small friction coefficient and high load capacity.

  • Good sealing

The oil seal of Taiqi spindle type cam indexer adopts imported TTO oil seal with high temperature resistance, compression resistance, wear resistance and oil resistance.

  • High rigity & high strength

The cam adopts the advanced alloy steel, which is treated with carburizing heat and high precision grinding.


The DH-FN spindle type cam indexers of Taiqi are widely used in automatic group machine, conveying machinery, medicine machinery, food machinery, automatic feeding mechaninery, multi position machine tool, printing machinery, packaging machinery, food machinery, glass machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, tobacco machinery, automatic testing machine and so on.

Indication of Model Numbers of DH-FN Spindle Type Cam Indexer


Specification Table of DH-FN Spindle Type Cam Indexer


  Catalogue of DH-FN Spindle Type Cam Indexer

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