WB Series Miniature Cyclo Gear Motor

Overview of WB Series Miniature Cyclo Gear Motor

  • High strength: the main parts of WB series are made of bearing steel through quenching treatment(HRC58-62) to achieve high strength.
  • High ratio and high efficiency: Single stage ratio can reach to 1: 71, and its efficiency over 90%.
  • Compact structure: the input and output shaft is at the same axialtonal lines, due to adapted epicyclic transmission principle.
  • Long service life: it has a long service life due to part of transmission adapts rolling friction.
  • Stable operation and low noise: with more meshed teeth of the cycloidal pinwheel, the overlapping coefficient is bigger and the vibration and noise is limited at the minimum range.

INTRODUCTION OF WB Series Miniature Cyclo Gear Motor

Description of WB Series Miniature Cycloid Gear Motor

WB Series miniature cyclo gear motor adopts high pressure die casting aluminum alloy shell and advanced processing technology to improve the accuracy of work piece, and it contributes to better quality, smaller volume, lighter weight and more beautiful appearance.

All products are lubricated with grease and not easy to leak. Users can install in any direction according to their needs.

Thanks to the WB series miniature cyclodial reducer adopts the principle of planetary gears, its input shaft and output shaft is on the same axialtonal lines and compact structure and small volume are the main features of the WB series miniature cycloid reducer.

The WB series products have many specifications. The WB series miniature cycloid gear motor are divided into single satge and double stage. The single stage ratio is 9-71, and the double stage ratio is 121-1849, and if use multi-stage transmission, the ratio is bigger.

TQG WB series products widely used in conveyor & material handling, printing and dyeing machine, mining & quarry, automatic production line & mixer, transport & packaging, food machine & beverage, construction & metal processing, plastic & chemical industry.etc.


Specification of WB Series Miniature Cycloid Gear Motor


Catalogue of WB Series Miniature Cycloid Gear Motor

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