PAW-2C-K Dual Hollow Shaft Planetary Gearbox

Overview of PAW-2C-K Planetary Gearbox

  • Double hollow shaft keyed steering gearbox
  • Models from PAW070A to PAW180A
  • Ratios from 1/3~1/10
  • Single stage and double stages for selection
  • Applicable for large load situation
  • Used in roller mechanism, transport handling mechanism, cam mechanism liquid crystal panel turnover mechanism, rack gear mechanism

Indication of Model Numbers of PAW-2C-K Double Hollow Shaft Keyed 90 Degree Gearbox

Description of PAW-2C-K Spiral Bevel Steering Gearbox

The TQG PAW-2C-K precision planetary reducer is featured with dual hollow shafts clamp type with keyway. PAW-2C-K is a kind of right angle planetary gearbox with a full size range and different ratios for selection. This series speed reducers also called spiral bevel gearboxes are widely used in motion control applications that require high precision and space-saving. The TQG PAW-2C-K series steering gearbox is durable with outstanding repeatability, low backlash within 8 arcmin, high output and low noise. They are matched for all brands of servo motors.


Specification Table of PAW-2C-K Double Hollow Shaft Keyed 90 Degree Gearbox


Catalogue of PAW-2C-K Double Hollow Shaft Keyed 90 Degree Gearbox

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