RV-E Series RV Reducer

Overview of RV-E Series Robot Gearbox

  • High torsional rigidityand extremely compact body.
  • 1 arc-min of low backlash.
  • Flexible design of inline component for space saving
  • Large thrust & overhung moment capacitythanks to the integrated angular bearings.
  • High Ratios are in available (up to 185:1) without increasing the sizeof gearbox.
  • High torque capacity is up to 5 times of therated torque (E-Stop)

Indication of E Series of RV Reducer

Description of E Series of RV Reducer

The TQG E series of RV reducer is a kind of reduction gearbox that centers with the flat specially designed for accurate motion control. This series speed reducers are featured of compact body, light weight and high rigidity which is strong enough to be against overloading situations. Besides, advantages of free backlash, micro rotating vibration and low inertia guarantee the rapid acceleration, ultra precise positioning and smooth movement. The precision gear RV series is an ideal speed reducer specially for precision mechanical control in the fields of machine tools, factory robots, assembly equipment, conveying machines and other related fields that need precise positioning, high rigidity and shock-load capacity.

The TQG RV-E reducer is also a kind of standard inline gearbox which provides high performance in an extremely compact and high rigid component configuration. The higher reliability and cost effective of RV-E robot gearbox thanks to the built-in angular ball bearings to support the external load. The rolling contact components ensure RV-E gearbox the high efficiency and long service life. Furthermore, 2-stage reduction designed structure reduce the vibration and inertia greatly and at the same time increase the ratios. Besides, Belt/pulley configuration is also available for RV-E reducer.

The TQG RV E reducer is featured with high quality and high precision together with a 2-stage cycloidal design that contributes to high torque, big ratio and shock resistant capability. RV-E reducer adopts rolling contact components to reduce abrasion and extend the service life. Besides, the special designed pin and cycloidal gear mechanism reduce the backlash and at the same time provide higher impact resistance than traditional speed reducers. And the RV E cycloidal reducer integrates a big internal angular support bearings which offer high moment capacity without the need of external support device. The perfect gear structure design and powerful roller bearings support of the shaft ensure life-long service time and allow instant peak loads up to 5 times of the nominated torque. (e.g. for emergency stops)

Integrated angular contact ball bearings


  • The reliability is improved.
  • The total cost is reduced a lot.
  • The construction of built-in angular ball bearings has the ability to support external loads, improve the moment stiffness and the maximum permissible moment.
  • Number of the requiredcomponents are reduced.
  • Easy to installation.

2-stage reduction structure


  • Vibration is reduced
  • Inertia is reduced (GD2)
  • Reduced vibration due to the low speed rotation of RV gears
  • The size of motor coupling part (input gear) is reduced and therefore the inertia is lowed.

All the main components are supported on both sides.


  • Higher torsional stiffness
  • Lower vibration
  • Strong shock resistant capability (5 times of the rated torque)

Remark: Crankshafts are supported on both sides of

the reduction gear as shown below.

Rolling contact components


  • Outstandingstarting efficiency
  • Longer service life and minimal abrasion
  • Low backlash of 1 arcmin.
  • Adoption ofroller bearings.

Pin & gear structure


  • Extreme low backlash of 1 arcmin.
  • Higher shock load capability (5 times of rated torque)
  • Achieve the synchromesh of more RV gear teeth and pins.

Robot Wrist Axis

As shown in the right figure, the input gear can also be supported within the reduction gear mechanism. Please contact TQG for more details.


Specification Table of E Series of RV Reducer


Catalogue of RV-E Series Speed Reducer

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