AATM-CR Hollow Shaft Keyed Right Angle Gearbox

Overview of AATM-CR Precision Steering Speed reducer

  • The external of the box is hexahedron,which suitable for different mounting types.
  • The spiral bevel gear uses Nickel chromium alloy steel SCM415 HRC60, and the high strength has been realized.
  • It has large loading capacity,long service life,low noise,transmission efficiency can reach to 94%-98%.
  • There are a variety of types for choosing, meeting various requirements.
  • It adopts double cone bearing support to realize high rigidity with a high rigid structure.
  • Low backlash and high transmission accuracy.

Description of AATM-CR Precision Steering Speed reducer

The shape of the box is a hexagon, and it is suitable for different mounting types. It adopts 90 degree reversing design with hollow shaft key groove. Long service life, large carrying capacity, smooth transmission and low noise are the main features of AATM-CR series. The reversing transmission efficiency is greater than 95%. What’s more, there are many kinds of  speed ratio and large range of selection, the output form is diverse and you can choose according to your needs.


AATM-CR precision steering speed reducer can be widely used in printing press, belt conveyor, gantry robot, automatic box filling machine, packing machine(vertical pillow type), packing machine(transverse pillow type), dispenser robot, loading robot, etc. In addition, it is applicable for multi-axis linkage occasions such as TFT-LCD lifting machinery, various kinds of lifting machinery as well as horizontal linkage machineries.

Indication of Model Numbers of AATM-CR Steering Gearbox


Specification Table of AATM-CR Speed Reducer


Catalogue of AATM-CR  Speed Reducer

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