AATM-RF Big Hollow Shaft Rotary Flange Type of Bevel Gearbox

Overview of AATM-RF Planetary Gearbox

  • Big hollow shaft with rotary flange output
  • AATM-RF adopts high precision spiral bevel gear, which was made of nickel-chrome alloy steel(SCM415 HRC60) to realize the high strength.
  • With the rigid structure of its gearbox, supported by double conic bearings, AATM-RF Planetary Gearboxcan realize the high rigidity.
  • AATM-RF can realize high efficiency due to the combination of high efficiency planetary mechanism and precision spiral umbrella mechanism.

Indication of Model Numbers of AATM-RF Steering Gearbox

Description of AATM-RF Hollow Shaft Output Gearbox

The TQG AATM-RF is a high precision rotary flange style planetary gearbox with low backlash, and high transmission accuracy. This series servo gearbox can provide high torsional rigidity and high axial and high load capacity with the compact structure and taper roller bearing support. The AATM-RF series has multiple dimensions and ratios from 1:2 to 1:10. What’s more, the AATM-RF series features lower inertia, lower size and weight, quieter operation, increased efficiency and greater mounting versatility.

More Features of AATM-RF Right Angle gearbox

  • AATM-RF can save space with a small size.
  • High output torque:15NM~1600NM, spiral bevel gear modulus M1.0~M6.0
  • Adopting hollow shaft transmission mode, AATM-RF is convenient to install, and the transmission accuracy is higher.
  • Applicable capacity: 50W~15KW

Application of AATM-RF Right Angle Gear Reducer

AATM-RF 90 degree gearbox are featured with large hollow rotary flange, and widely used for large load occasions, TFT-LCD panel flip, rotation mechanism, mechanical arm base rotation, swing arm rotation, indexing rotation, etc


Specification Table of ATTM-RF Speed Reducer


Catalogue of AATM-RF  Speed Reducer

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