CSG/CSF Series Component Set of Harmonic Gearbox

Overview of CSG & CSF Series Harmonic Gear Units

  • Backlash-free harmonic reducer component set
  • Compact and simple designed robot gear
  • High torque capacity
  • High rigidity
  • Excellent positioning and rotational accuracy
  • Coaxial input and output design
  • Small in size and light in weight
  • Long service time due to high reliability

Indication of Model Numbers of CSG & CSF Series Harmonic Drive Gearbox

Description of CSG & CSF Series Harmonic Drive Gearbox

The TQG harmonic drive speed reducer CSG/CSF component sets is a kind of zero backlash gearbox which is the core motion control mechanism. CSF is a standard torque type, while CSG is a high torque type of component sets. They are available in a board range of sizes and ratios for selection. CSG/CSF series high precision gearing component sets normally are used as the core part for high performance customized servo actuators and motion control system. The servo motors supplied by customer can be easily attached to our harmonic gearbox. Besides, customized harmonic gearbox is also available and can be perfectly integrated into your design.

The CSG/CSF series component sets can meet the needs of high performance, high speed, high load capacity, high density and miniaturization, and achieve a various product range to enable customers to choose the best model according to their own situation .

New Variable Options

CSG series: high torque version

  • The torque capacity is 30% higher than that of CSF series.
  • The service life of CSG series has been improved by 43% compared with the CSF series. (10,000 hours)
  • Reduction ratio: 30, for high speed
  • Inheritedthe zero-backlash advantages of FH Harmonic Gearbox to realize a reduction ratio of 30

CSF-8,11 Series: miniaturization

  • CSF series harmonic gear can also achieve the advantages of IH gear shape in the small size model.
  • The torque capacity of CSF series has been improved up 30% compared with CS series speed reducer
  • The rigidity of CSF series has been improved up 100% compared with traditional products.
  • Service life of CSF harmonic gearhead has been improved a lot.

Application of CSG & CSF Series Harmonic Reducer

The TQG CSG & CSF Series Harmonic drive gearboxes are widely applied in industrial robot like the wrist bending and twisting drive of the vertical multi-joint robots, robotic arm drive for horizontal multi-joint robots and various machinery equipment.


Specification Table of CSG/CSF Series Harmonic Drive Gearbox


Catalogue of CSG/CSF Series Harmonic Drive Gearbox

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