SHG/SHF Series Component Set of Harmonic Gearbox

Overview of SHG & SHF Series Harmonic Gearbox

  • Large Hollow bore with flat shape
  • Zero backlash with high precision
  • Simple and compact designed precision speed reducer
  • High stiffness
  • High torque capacity
  • Input shaft option is available
  • Concentricinput and output
  • High positioning and rotary accuracy

Indication of Model Numbers of SHG & SHF Series Harmonic Drive Gearbox

Description of SHG & SHF Series Harmonic Drive Gearbox

The TQG SHG/SHF series harmonic gearbox is an easy-operated component sets. High precision and rigid cross roller bearing is built in the body of SHG/SHF series low backlash speed reducer to directly support the external load.

Three kinds of harmonic drive gears are in available: hollow type (2UH), simplicity unit (2SO/2SH) and input shaft (2UJ).

Various Configurations

The TQG SHG/SHF harmonic gearheads offer four types for selection. You can choose the best suitable structure according to the design of machinery device.
● Large bore hollow hole structure: hollow type ( 2UH )
● Various input methods are available: shaft input type ( 2UJ )
● Easier to use: standard simple unit ( 2SO )
hollow shaft simple unit ( 2SH )

SHG series: high torque version
● The torque capacity is 30% higher than that of SHF series.
● The service life of SHG series has been improved by 43% compared with the SHF series. (10,000 hours)

SHF:standard torque
● Reduction ratio of 30:1 is new added for high speed
● Inherited the zero-backlash advantages of FH Harmonic Gearbox to realize a reduction ratio of 30:1.

The Structure of SHG/SHF Series Component Sets


Specification Table of SHG & SHF Series Harmonic Drive Gearbox




    Catalogue of SHG & SHF Series Harmonic Drive Gearbox

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