High Torque Gear Motor

Overview of Torque Motor

Torque motor is a kind of special motor with soft mechanical characteristics and wide speed range. It has the characteristics of low speed, large torque, strong overload capacity, fast response, good linearity of characteristics, and small torque fluctuation. The shaft of the torque motor does not output the power at a constant power but outputs power at a constant torque. The shaft of torque motor output the power does not base on constant power but on constant torque.


Description of Torque Motor

Micro motor-driven closed transmission reduction gear also called micro reduction motor, and torque gear motor is belong to micro gear motor, which is used to reduce the speed and increase the torque to meet the working needs of the mechanical equipment, and it is called the micro gear motor, usually is supplied in a complete set after assembled by a professional reducer manufacturer. The advantages of using micro gear motor are simplified design, space saving, long life, reduced noise, increased torque and load capacity.

1.The adjustable range is wide due to the sloping features of the torque motor.

Because the large torque with sloping features, the torque motor can adjust the speed through changing of voltage. (The torque of the motor is proportional to the square of the voltage)

2.Torque motor is suitable for coiling operation

When the rolling machine rolls up continuously the object at the fixed speed with fixed tension, if the diameter of rolling machine is increased to 2 times, the output torque of motor will be double, too. And the motor speed will be reduced by half, and this proportion should be kept during the operation.

3.Torque motor can be used as a brake motor

Motor is in the brake fileds of speed and torque, and therefore can be sued as the brake motor. Besides, fixed tension control can also be performed by DC excitation.


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