Mini Frequency Converter

Overview of Three-phase Mini Frequency Converter

  • Low price
  • Small volume
  • Powerful functions
  • Quickstarting speed
  • Free of maintenance

Description of Three-phase Mini Frequency Converter

The Speed Controller is suitable for three phase motor under 200W with a reasonable price, and there is no need to use high price products of 400W speed controller to increase the equipment costs; Due to the small volume of speed controller, it can save the installation space and unnecessary equipment costs. What’s more, the speed governor has the same functions as general large frequency converter. With the advantages of low frequency and high torque, the speed controller still can maintain the torque of 50Hz working conditions when the motor is in the 1-10Hz low frequency working conditions. The mini converter has the functions of over temperature, over load and module protection, and it is no need to connect any protection and maintenance facilities.


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Mini Frequency Converter