PT-C-K Hollow Shaft Output 90 Degree Geabrox

Overview of PT-C-K 90 Degree Gearbox

  • Only one hollow output shaft with key groove
  • Right angle gearbox for saving installation space.
  • High precision and low backlash
  • Various ratios of 1/3~1/10 for selection
  • With planetary gears mechanism for high efficiency
  • Suitable for all brands of servo motors on the market

Indication of Model Numbers of PT-C-K Single Hollow Shaft Bevel Gearbox With Keyway

Description of PT-C-K Miniature Gearbox

The TQG PT-C-K servo gearbox is designed with single hollow shaft with clamp type and key groove. This spiral bevel gearbox is a type of planetary gearbox as the design of planetary gears mechanism inside. Nine models of PT070A, PT085A, PT105A, PT125B, PT 150B, PT180B are available for selection. There are two kinds of PT-A and PT-B. Take PT105A and PT150B servo gearboxes for example , A and B has a different length standard of the main body, you can check our dimensions for the details in the third tab bar. The TQG PT-C-K series hollow shaft spiral bevel gearbox features of low backlash, solid construction, high efficiency, and are widely used in fields that require high precision like motion control.


Specification Table of PT-C-K Single Hollow Shaft Keyed Steering Gearbox


Catalogue of of PT-C-K Single Hollow Shaft Keyed Steering Gearbox

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