AAW-A(B)S-RF Big Hollow Shaft Rotary Flange Type of Precision 90 Degree Gearbox

Overview of AAW-A(B)S-RF Precision Gearbox

  • High precision: The ultra-precision backlash is 1 arc-min.
  • High rigidity: Integral stainless steel body ensures maximum rigidity and corrosion resistance and multiple precision machining surfaces are easy to install.
  • High torque: It adopts the top helical bevel gear design which made the contact surface load uniform to allow high torque output. The gear is made of high-strength carburizing alloy steel.
  • High torque and low backlash design of the compact structure is suitable for the precision servo motor.
  • The design of flange ensures the safety of the reducer.

Indication of Model Numbers of AAW-A(B)S-RF Big Hollow Shaft Gearbox

Description of AAW-A(B)S-RF Flange Mounted Gearbox

The TQG is a speed reducer manufacturer. The servo motor gearbox AAW-A(B)S-RF produced by TQG is a kind of precision right angle gear reducer that is specially designed for equipping the servo motors. It features of big hollow output shaft with rotary flange. In the application of servo control, the TQG AAW-A(B)S-RF flange mounted Gearbox has played a good mechanical rigidity, accurate precision positioning, low backlash in the operating mechanism, high efficiency, high input torque, smooth operation, low noise and other characteristics. In addition, AAW-A(B)S-RF planetary gearbox is with the structure of one-piece design and light in weight, small in volume that enable the servo motor operate in a higher, more efficient situation, and greatly reduce the load inertia and increase the output torque.

Fields of Application of TQG AAW-A(B)S-RF Small Gearbox:

The TQG AAW-A(B)S-RF electric motor gearbox is widely used in heavy load occasions, such as the TFT-LCD flipped panel, the rotating mechanism, the base of the robotic arm rotates, the swinging arm rotates, and the indexed rotation.

Technical Parameters of AAW-A(B)S-RF Precision Gearbox

1.High output torque: The rated output torque of 1-stage is up to 4000 Nm and the maximum output torque is 2.5 times as high as the rated output torque.

2.Backlash class:

Standard backlash: L1≤5 arc-min  L2≤8 arc-min

Precision backlash B1: L1≤2 arc-min  L2≤3 arc-min

Precision backlash B2: L1≤3 arc-min  L2≤4 arc-min

*Special type:Ultra-precision backlash:L1≤1 arc-min  L2≤2 arc-min

3.Applicable servo motor capacity: 0.1kw~ 45kw

4.Ratio of reducer: AAW070AS~AAW320AS(BS)

1-stage: 1~30   2-stage: 24~300


Specification Table of AAW-A(B)S-RF Big Hollow Shaft Flange Mounted Gearbox


Catalogue of AAW-A(B)S-RF Big Hollow Shaft Flange Mounted Gearbox 

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