SWL Series Worm Screw Jack

Overview of SWL Series Worm Screw Jack

  • High reliability and stability.
  • Various connection methods.
  • Easy to install with a compact design.
  • Can be customized according customers’ needs.
  • Compact structure with small volume and light weight.
  • It suitable for low speed and low frequency operation.


Description of SWL Series Worm Screw Jack

SWL screw Jack is a basic lifting device, it can achieve the functions of lifting, lowering, pushing and turning through worm gear drive screw. The worm screw lift features of compact structure, small size, light weight, low noise, safe and convenient installation, flexible use, high reliability and long service life.

SWL series worm screw lift can be used individually or in combination. It can control and adjust the height of the promotion accurately according to a certain procedure. Besides, TQG screw Jack can be driven directly by motor or other power, and by manual is also available.

These worm gear screw lifts are mainly used for low speed, low frequency operations. SWL series worm screw Jack widely used in machinery, metallurgy, water conservancy, chemical industry, medical treatment, culture, health and other industries.


Specification Table of SWL Series Worm Screw Lift


Catalogue of SWL Worm Screw Lift

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