AAW-A(B)S-P Single Output Shaft Type of Precision Right Angle Gearbox

Overview of AAW-A(B)S-P Precision Gearbox

  • High strength. Using nickel-chromium alloy steel SCM415 HRC60 degrees and high-precision spiral bevel gear.
  • High efficiency.Combined with high-efficiency planetary mechanism and precision spiral umbrella mechanism.
  • High rigidity. Using excellent rigidity structure and double tapered bearings which is suitable for occasions where the output load changes greatly.
  • Variousoutput methods. Big hollow shaft rotary flange type, big hollow shaft tight ring type, flange keyed type, single output shaft type and double output shaft type are available.
  • Easy to install. AAW series 90 degree reducer can beinstalled in five directions.

Indication of Model Numbers of AAW-A(B)S-P Single Output Shaft Type of Precision Right Angle Gearbox

Description of AAW-A(B)S-P Shaft Output Gearbox

The TQG AAW-A(B)S-P series servo gearboxes are produced with ten models with frame sizes from 80mm to 320mm. This series speed reducer gearboxes are designed with double output shafts, light in weight, small in volume, and space-saving. As a precision planetary gearbox, AAW-A(B)S-P are still featured of low backlash, high torque, low noise and high efficiency. By using high quality materials and high processing technology, the AAW-A(B)S-P speed reducers can be divided into three classes : standard backlash, precision backlash and micro backlash. Besides, AAW-A(B)S-P series helical gearboxes offer the ratios from 1:2 to 1:500 to match with different brands of servo motors.

Technical Data of AAW-A(B)S-P right Angle Gear Reducer

  • Ratio: 1:2~1:500
  • Small in size and space-saving: frame size from 80mm to 320mm
  • Output torque: from 30Nmto 4000Nm
  • Helical bevel gear module: from M1.0 to M6.0
  • Applicable servo motor capacity: 0.1kw~45kw
  • Output shaft type: single output shaft type

Fore more detailed technical data, please check the second and third tab bar.

Application of AAW-A(B)S-P Planetary Reducer

The TQG AAW-A(B)S-P precision speed reducers are widely used in printer, belt conveyors, gantry robot, auto packing sealing machine, packing machine ( vertical pillow), packing machine ( horizontal pillow), dispenser Robot, loader robot and some other heavy load case.


Specs of  AAW-A(B)S-P Single Output Shaft Type of Precision Right Angle Gearbox


Catalogue of AAW-A(B)S-P Single Output Shaft Type of Precision Right Angle Gearbox

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