Are spur gears or helical gears used in inline planetary gear reducer and right angle planetary gearbox?

Before discussing this issue, TQG reducer company will firstly analyze the features of the helical gears and spur gears of the planetary speed reducer.

Features of helical gear transmission are as followings:

  1. The structure is more compact. When cutting helical cylindrical gear with rack cutter, the number of small teeth of standard gear without undercutting is less than that of spur cylindrical gear, so a more compact structure can be obtained.
  2. High degree of coincidence. Under the same conditions, the meshing process of helical gears is longer than that of spur gears, that is, the degree of coincidence is greater, which reduces the load of each pair of gears. Thus, the bearing capacity of the gear is improved, the service life of the gear is prolonged, and the transmission is stable.
  3. Herringbone gear manufacturing is more complexed. Good meshing performance.

It is a gradual meshing process between the helical cylindrical gears. The force on the teeth is gradually from small to large, and then from large to small, so helical gear meshing is more stable, less impact and noise, which is suitable for high speed and high power transmission.

Features of spur gear are as followings:

  1. easy to install. You can imagine how complex the installation of helical gear
  2. Because the planetary gear set is mainly a transfer relationship, rather than force,

and has little stability requirements, so the spur gear is enough for normal transmission application. If customers who needs high precision lowback lash planetary gearbox, then helical is a good choice.

  1. Spur gear is easy to process with low cost.

4.The helical gear will produce axial force when it engages, which is not good to the bearings.

5.Backlash is higher than that of helical gears.

TQG planetary reducers are produced with both helical gears and spure gears, such as our VRB, VRL, PAR, PADR, VRSF, PER, PFR, VRS series high precision planetary gearbox are designed with helical gears. And for standard precision planetary gear reducer adopts straight tooth gear, such as our PLE and PLF series speed reducers.

If you have limited budget and have no high requirement of precision, then TQG spur gear planetary gearbox is your good choose.