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Hannover Messe 2019 is Coming

Good news. We are going to attend German Hannover Messe in the name of our group company from April1~5. Welome to visit our booth and talk about our cooperation of low backlash gearbox face to face. Our company has been always expanding its international brand reputation by making advertisement and attending all kinds of related […]

What factors influnce the efficiency of the servo planetary gearbox?

Each servo planetary gear box has a rated input speed and the number of planetary gears. As only one set of planetary gears cannot meet a large transmission ratio, then sometimes two or three sets of such gears are required to meet the requirements of the user. That is to say, the larger reduction ratio is, the more numbers of stages will be […]

Main Process Structure & Patented Technology of TQG Planetary Gearbox

Grinding teeth: The surface of the gear is ground with ultra-precision , which makes gear coordination more optimized. In addition, the friction resistance and vibration are smaller. The transmission efficiency of the whole machine can reach up to 98% and the noise at high speed is lower than 55 DB. The maximum input speed is 10,000 rpm. The minimum reverse backlash […]

Workshop of TQG High Precision Planetary Gear Box

We are precision planetary gear box manufacturer based on Taiwan technology and crafts. We are always strive for producing high quality precision reducer gearboxes that exceed your expectation. TQG reducer company—your precision transmission solution expert. For more information, you can visit our website: https://taiqiseiko.com/products/ Contact us:  Lusia Cai: +8618019322748 (whatsapp/skype) Email: [email protected], [email protected]  

Are spur gears or helical gears used in inline planetary gear reducer and right angle planetary gearbox?

Before discussing this issue, TQG reducer company will firstly analyze the features of the helical gears and spur gears of the planetary speed reducer. Features of helical gear transmission are as followings: The structure is more compact. When cutting helical cylindrical gear with rack cutter, the number of small teeth of standard gear without undercutting is less than that of […]

When a servo planetary gearbox is needed?

When we need a low backlash planetary gearbox for servo motor or stepper motor? Firstly, when the customer requires a low operating speed ( usually the motor speed is high and not stable at a low speed.) Secondly, when the customer needs a larger torque. (The output torque of the motor can be amplified as: Output torque of the motor × reduction […]

How to select the right size of planetary gearbox?

You may met a problem how to choose a suitable servo gearbox for your motor. Here TQG guides you how to choose it by the following steps. Step 1 Please make clear that your motor brand and model. Or the motor installation drawing is required to figure out the main sizes of S, LB, LR, […]

Why is the harmonic reducer called harmonic?

Why is the harmonic gearbox called harmonic? Firstly, let’s understand what is the harmonic drive, and then you will know the name source of the harmonic reducer. The specific process is as follows: Harmonic drive achieves the transfer of mechanical motion by using a constructed controllable elastic deformation. The harmonic drive usually consists of three basic components, including a circular spline with internal teeth, a […]

The difference between planetary gearbox and ordinary gear reducer

Actually, the planetary gearbox is a kind of gear reducer if it is to be classified. Like most gear reducers, the planetary reducer reduces the speed and increases the output torque through gear transmission. However, compared with the common gear reducer, the structure of the planetary gearbox is more compact and reasonable, which makes full use of all the parts to […]