How to select the right size of planetary gearbox?

You may met a problem how to choose a suitable servo gearbox for your motor. Here TQG guides you how to choose it by the following steps.

Step 1
Please make clear that your motor brand and model. Or the motor installation drawing is required to figure out the main sizes of S, LB, LR, LE, LA, LZ.

Step 2
Confirm the reduction ratio that you need. Or you can tell us the rated speed of your servo motor or stepper motor, and the required output speed of reducer gearbox. And then using the following formula to calculate the ratio.
*The speed ratio i=Motor Speed /output speed of gearbox

Step 3
Please confirm the output torque you need. Or the motor power and the rated speed  is required to calculate the output torque of the motor. And then you can get the torque of the planetary reducer by multiply the reduction ratio.

*The output torque (N.M)=9550x motor power(kw)/ motor speed (rpm)
*1 HP=0.75kw

Step 4
Any other requirement about the speed reducer ? Such us flange, hole output, precision or backlash, noise value, shape of gearbox, inline or angle, etc. The more details requirement you offer us, the quicker we can select the suitable planetary gearbox for you.

Step 5
Download the catalog from our website, check technical data, and get the right model.