AAW-A(B)S-RFHP Big Hollow Shaft Tight Ring Type of Precision 90 Degree Gearbox

Overview of AAW-RFHP Precision Gearbox

  • High strength: Using high precision spiral bevel gear that made ofthe nickel-chromium alloy steel SCM415 HRC60 degree .
  • High efficiency: Combination ofthe high-efficiency planetary mechanism and precision spiral umbrella mechanism.
  • High rigidity: An excellent rigidity structure designedby double conical bearing makes it suitable for the occasions where the output load changes greatly.
  • Small in volume and space-saving
  • Easy to install: Any installation direction

Indication of Model Number of AAW-A(B)S-RFHP Big Hollow Shaft Gearbox with Concial Tight Ring

Description of AAW-A(B)S-RFHP Flange Mounted Gearbox

The TQG AAW-A(B)S-RFHP speed reducer gearbox is a kind of servo gearbox that is exclusive use for servo motor and stepper motor. The electric motor gearbox AAW-A(B)S-RFHP manufactured by TQG is a kind of precision gearbox that used in the applications where the accuracy is required. The gear box features of a big hollow output shaft with flange and tight ring. The TQG AAW-A(B)S-RFHP precision 90 degree reducer  with advantages of high precision, low backlash and high efficiency. The outline of AAW-AS(BS) series precision right angle reducer is similar to that of PAW series steering gearbox, but with the difference of bigger hollow shaft compared with PAW series. The TQG AAW-A(B)S-RFHP features of a square chassis that is made up of the cast iron to guarantee the high-strength. As for the gear, it is made of high-quality alloy steel and treated with carbon-nitrogen to achieve the best wear resistance and impact toughness. What’s more, the big hollow output shaft with tight ring of AAW-A(B)S-RFHP motor reducer makes the motor and reducer to be tightly integrated.

Technical parameters of AAW-A(B)S-RFHP Precision Gearbox

1.High output torque: The nominated output torque of 1-stage gear box is up to 4000 Nm and the maximum output torque is 2.5 times as high as the nominated output torque.

2.Backlash class (L1=1-stage, L2=2-stage):

Standard backlash: L1≤5 arc-min  L2≤8 arc-min

Precision backlash B1: L1≤2 arc-min  L2≤3 arc-min

Precision backlash B2: L1≤3 arc-min  L2≤4 arc-min

*Special type:Ultra-precision backlash:L1≤1 arc-min  L2≤2 arc-min

3.Applicable servo motor capacity: 0.1kw~ 45kw

4.Ratio of reducer: AAW070AS~AAW320AS(BS)

1-stage: 1~30   2-stage: 24~300

Application of AAW-A(B)S-RFHP 90 Degree Gearbox

The TQG AAW-A(B)S-RFHP right angle gear reducer is widely used in Printer, dispenser robot, belt conveyors, auto packing sealing machine, packing machine ( vertical pillow), gantry robot, packing machine ( horizontal pillow), loader robot and some other heavy load case.


Specification Table of AAW-A(B)S-RFHP Big Hollow Shaft with Concial Tight Ring Gearbox


Catalogue of AAW-A(B)S-RFHP Big Hollow Shaft with Concial Tight Ring Gearbox

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