AAW-A(B)S-RFK Flange Keyed Type of Precision 90 Degree Gearbox

Overview of AAW-A(B)S-RFK Precision Gearbox

  • Low backlash: ≤8 arc-min
  • Wide range of reduction ratio: i=1~200
  • High output torque: up to 4000 Nm
  • Long service life
  • Maintain-free
  • Lifetime lubrication
  • Easy to install: any installation direction

Indication of Model Numbers of AAW-A(B)S-RFK Hollow Shaft Rotary Flanged with Keyway Gearbox

Description of AAW-A(B)S-RFK Flange Mounted Gearbox

The TQG AAW-A(B)S-RFK precision planetary gearbox designed of flange with key groove and also called 90 degree gearbox is small in size and light in weight with high torque, high efficiency, low inertia distance. AAW-A(B)S-RFK flange mounted gearbox is designed for large-span and heavy-load bearing so that it’s more suitable for heavy industry. The input of the gear box can be matched with various servo motor and stepper motor, allowing high input speed and versatility. The gear surface is grinded and vibration-free. The right angle gearbox with flange keyed type can guarantee the safety of reducer.

Application of AAW-A(B)S-RFK Right Angle Gearbox

The TQG AAW-A(B)S-RFK servo motor gearboxes are widely applied in heavy load occasions, such as the coupling mechanism, belt conveyor, CNC machine tools, bag making machinery, plastic machinery, printing machinery.

Materials of AAW-A(B)S-RFK Servo Gearbox

The chassis of TQG AAW-A(B)S-RFK planetary gearbox is built in aluminum material in order to guarantee lightness, strength and rigidity. The gear with high-quality alloy steel and treated with carbon-nitrogen achieves the best wear resistance and impact toughness.


Specification Table of AAW-A(B)S-RFK Hollow Shaft Rotary Flanged With Keyway Gearbox


Catalogue of AAW-A(B)S-RFK Hollow Shaft Rotary Flanged with Keyway Gearbox

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